Remote controlling your android smartphone is made easy with the Tickle My Phone App. This app allows you to control your Android smartphone or device with simple SMS commands(Messages). There may be sometimes you may be a victim of loss or theft of your smartphone, In such cases, this App comes into handy. Here I will brief the whole of the information about Tickle My Phone App, Its Features, Its Reviews, Downloading of App, Installing and Using this App, How to use Tickle my phone.

Tickle My Phone (True Remote) App Review

Tickle my Phone is a revolutionary next-generation application for Android phones which allows you to simply control your Android phone remotely via text messages (SMS). Have you ever think that it was possible to take a picture or record a video on your android phone, send SMS, make a call and listen to conversations, fetch exact Geolocation, Get an SD Card file listing from a remote location ??? If yes, this application is just right for you.

How to Tickle My Phone Works ??

Tickle My Phone works as an SMS server inside your Android phone. Once you install this application on your mobile, you can send an SMS from any ordinary mobile with a specific set of Keywords in the SMS Body, App will execute the associated Action. For example, send SMS with the text “call me back” from any ordinary mobile to the Tickle My Phone installed android phone. It will call you back.

Tickle my Phone App Review And Features
Tickle my Phone App Review And Features

Features and Advantages

  • Sends SMS Text Messages, Uses the Internet, Sends Email, Makes Phone calls which will cost the user.
  • This app can be used as a Security camera at my home. This app will take the 20 seconds of Live video and send it as an attachment.
  • It can be used as a reminder for wake up or for events with vibrate command.
  • This app can be used to detect the current location of desired people like Delivery Boys, Workers, Children, etc…
  • By using the tickle my phone app you can send acknowledgment or thank you messages to people who wish you.
  • Android Smartphone is used in identifying the theft at your home. Place the Smartphone at an angle such that it can take photos.
  • Whenever a suspect is there simply give a command to the app it will take a live photo or image at a current time and send it to email as an attachment.
  • You can manage sender lists on the app i.e. who can manage this app by commands such that no unknown persons will get access.
  • Even If you lose your mobile, don’t worry, the SIM change alert helps you to get back your phone from the Thief and you can control the phone also.

Required Mobile Pre-requisites

  • Required Android version 2.1 and above
  • Ability to make a call send SMS and use the Internet for sending emails
  • Must have Location service for GPS
  • Ability to Take picture and video using Phone Camera
  • Support for SD card
  • Ability to use Calendar for events.
  • Must be able to recognize Callers Id and Sender’s Phone Number

Download Tickle My Phone App

  • Size: 1.2M
  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Requires Android Version: 2.1 and up
  • Android SmartphoneDownload

Tickle My Phone Commands and Using

Call Me Back: Tickle my Phone (TMP) application will call back the sender
Call Back Speaker: Call back the sender with speakerphone on

Tickle my Phone App SMS Commands
Tickle my Phone App SMS Commands Messages

SendPhoto [email protected]: Application will take a Live Picture and send it as an attachment to the email specified
SendLiveVideo [email protected]: The application will record a live video for 20 seconds and send it as an attachment to the email specified
Vibrate: Vibrate the phone for 10 seconds
CallNumberSpeaker +xxxxxxxxx: Will call the number specified in the SMS Body with the speaker on
WhereAreYou: Will send the GPS Location, Address with the Google map links to the sender
Sendallsms [email protected]: Retrieve all the SMS Text(Inbox/Sent) from them and sent to the sender email
RecordAudio: Record Live Audio for 30 seconds and save the file in SD Card.
Sendrecordaudio [email protected] Record the Live audio for 30 seconds and send the audio file as an attachment to the email specified
SetGPS 1/0: Set GPS Ona/OFF
SetWiFi 1/0: Set Wifi On/Off
SendMobileInfo: Send Mobile info viz. Ring mode, Battery remaining, Miss call count, etc
Sendcalllog [email protected]: Send the call log details viz Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls, Missed Calls
BuzzMyMobile: Buzz my mobile with Full volume. Use it when you misplace the mobile
SendContactList [email protected]: Will send the entire contact list to the email specified. App also sends confirmation SMS and plenty of more keywords support more than 32 commands…

How to Track Lost Mobile Smartphone Using Tickle My Phone

  • SIM Change Alert feature helps you to get back your phone from the Thief.
  • When you lost your mobile don’t worry you can track it,  The person will definitely change the SIM to use the mobile for later purposes.
  • In such cases, Tickle My Phone checks the number with the registered number if any mismatch is found it will send SMS to alternate numbers given.
  • You can also enable Email alerts about Sim Change and play sounds whenever there is a Sim Change.
How to Use Tickle My Phone to Trace Lost Phone
How to Use Tickle My Phone to trace Lost Phone

This is all about Tickle My Phone App Review, Features, How to Download, Install, and Use App. Do share your thoughts about this app by commenting below.



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