If your fans don’t know your schedule, how are they going to come to your games!? Get more fans in the stands of your next sports game with a well-designed sports schedule poster you can hang around town and post on all your digital platforms.

You’re an athlete, not a graphic designer. So how do you create incredible sports schedule posters that’ll catch the eye and make everyone want to come to your next game?

Design your Sports Schedule Poster Online

With easy-to-use design tools from PosterMyWall! Follow these steps to design your sports schedule poster online.

Find the best sports schedule poster template

You could start with a blank canvas and design your posters from scratch, but you’re busy with practices to make sure you can win your next game. How do you find the time to design professional-level sports schedule posters? With schedule templates!

PosterMyWall has tons of free sports schedule poster templates to give you a jump start on your amazing designs. Take a few minutes to browse through the designs to find the one that best fits your team’s style.

There are thousands of templates to choose from. You can filter the designs by size, platform, and content to help you find the right one for your needs. Naturally, keep an eye on style and layout, but it’s also important to think about size.

If you want to print your poster to hang around town, choosing one that fits on a typical 8.5” by 11” piece of copy paper is best. That’s big enough to ensure everyone will see it, but you won’t have to run around town for a special size of paper.

If you want to save paper, you could also choose a template that’s 5.5” by 8.5”. That will let you print two schedules for every piece of standard copy paper to save money on printing costs.

Digital platforms like your website and social media channels are typically more forgiving when it comes to size. You can use the PosterMyWall toolbar to filter templates based on specific social channels to make sure they’re optimized for posting.

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Add blocks and graphics

Once you choose a template, it’s time to customize! All the templates on PosterMyWall have been designed by professionals, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be perfect for your needs right off the bat.

Click on your favorite template and choose the edit button (it looks like a pencil) to open it in the editor.

The PosterMyWall editor is super easy to use. Simply click and drag elements to move them around the page.

You can delete elements by clicking to highlight and simply pressing the Delete button on your keyboard. You can also click the trashcan icon at the top of the right toolbar.

There are also tons of elements you can add to your sports schedule designs. Look through the options on the left toolbar to find what you’re looking for. You can add everything from additional text blocks and graphics to videos (digital only, obviously) and shapes.

You can also upload files from your computer or device to add to your template. This is especially helpful if you want to add an image of your team uniform, action shots from your latest game, or portraits of your players.

If you find an element you like, simply click on it from the left toolbar and add it to your template. Just like any other element, you can then click on it and drag it to the proper position.

Add, remove, and move the various elements around the page to create a design that will look good for your team and its fans. When you’re happy with the design, it’s time to add your schedule information.

Pro Tip: It’s always a good idea to save your design occasionally. You never know what those pesky browsers or internet connections will do! If your window closes for some reason, you can always go right back and pick up where you left off.

Update the information

Sports schedule posters aren’t all about fancy graphics and cool lettering. Your fans need real information!

To update the text blocks in your design, simply double click on them. You can then use your mouse and keyboard to update each block. Fill in your sports schedule accordingly, depending on the template you chose.

You can also add any additional information, like your sports team, locations, or anything else your fans might need (or want) to know.  

When you highlight a text block, you can also change the look and feel using the toolbar on the right. You can change options like opacity, style, font, size, alignment, and more to create your perfect design.

Download the finished file

When everything looks how you imagined and all the essential information is updated, it’s time to download your finished file. Click the Download button at the top right corner of the editor (it’s yellow).

In the download options, choose the quality and the details like dimension. It’s always best to choose the highest quality you can, especially if you plan to print your posters. Once everything is how you like it, click Download. Your sports schedule poster will be saved to your device, all ready to print or post!

You can also choose to publish your poster directly to social media or your website. Click on the Publish button at the top of the toolbar, choose the platform you want to publish to, and PosterMyWall will send your finished design directly to that platform!*

Note: You need to be an administrator of the page you choose to publish to. 

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Tell your fans where to catch your games

Every athlete plays better when they have loads of screaming fans sitting in the stands. Tell your fans how to catch your games with well-designed sports schedule posters from PosterMyWall.

With thousands of professional templates available and a super-simple drag-and-drop editor to customize your designs, it has never been easier for anyone to create incredible poster designs — even if you’re not a graphic designer!

See how easy it can be to create amazing sports schedule posters using PosterMyWall. 


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