Retail & eCommerce software development services are in hot demand, but what does it actually involve, and is it a good career choice?

If you are interested in e-commerce applications software development or want to start a custom eCommerce development company of your own, you should know the ins and outs and the secrets of success.

Сustom eСommerce Development: The Basics and 4 Secrets to Succeed

Retail & eCommerce software development: the Basics

Ecommerce relies on software platforms built to make it easier to manage an online store. These platforms are usually integrated into business software suites so that companies can receive payment and manage sales across multiple channels, through order fulfillment down to inventory management and more. 

The global market for eCommerce software development is growing dramatically. More than a third of the world’s population makes at least one eCommerce purchase a year, and the market is growing at a rate of 16.3% annually. C

lose to $3 trillion was spent on marketplaces in 2020 but be warned: most of these sales were generated by top marketplaces. 62% of all eCommerce sales are generated on Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

Individual eCommerce stores can become successful in their own right, but it takes hard work and specialization. You will need a team of skilled eCommerce software developers to build a brand that really stands out.

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Who is investing in e-commerce software solutions development?

Virtually all retailers need an online presence. Following the pandemic, traditional brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Target became two of the ten most downloaded apps in America for the very first time as the US sheltered in place and ordered in wherever possible.

There’s also a market for small but unique “mom and pop” eCommerce stores selling artisanal wares or subscription boxes as consumers want to support local businesses that were hard hit during the pandemic.

Secrets Every Custom Ecommerce Software Development Company Should Know

The market is very cluttered, which is why you need to make sure that your app has the best possible chance of succeeding. 

1. Conversion Rate Optimization 

The conversion rate optimization involves optimizing the percentage of website visitors who engage with your company online. You can do this through digital analytics, user experience design, and copywriting.

But perhaps the most effective way to increase conversions is to do A/B testing. This involves comparing the performance of two different versions of a web page or site.

You should only change one element at a time, e.g., the headline, the image, the call to action button, so that you know which changes deliver the best results.

2. Spend time on the checkout

Testers conducting analyses on various websites found 2700 usability issues while completing their orders.

They believe that eCommerce sites can improve their conversion rate by 35% if they just improve their checkout design, which can lead to recovering $260 billion in orders!

3. Don’t neglect customer service 

75% of consumers prefer chatting to a human over automated options, and online customer service interaction will grow by 40% in 2022.

Your customers want you to respond as promptly as possible. 24% of customers say they want a response within 24 hours. 

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4. Invest in SEO as well

Make sure that your pages are optimized for SEO. 70% of eCommerce journeys start with customers browsing search engine results.

Hiring a company that specializes in retail & eCommerce software development services is only the start of your journey.

You need to have the right features and have the right marketing tactics in place as well. Don’t forget to devise a strategy to take your app or website to the next level.


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