Ryan Kavanaugh has a lot to say regarding UFC President Dana White and how much the company pays its fighters. Kavanaugh claims that the contracts that the UFC gives its fighters are unfair, restrictive and lock them into bad deals at low wages.

In a recent Forbes article, Ryan Kavanaugh states, “Dana underpays his fighters; it’s just a known thing.” This sentiment was recently confirmed by one of the UFC’s own fighters – UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

Ryan Kavanaugh Highlights Need for UFC Changes, Calls On Dana White To Innovate the Sport

While anticipating a response from Dana White to defend the UFC, it’s worth remembering what Kavanaugh said in a recent BJPENN article: “He pays his fighters what we pay our Ushers.” This bold claim from Kavanaugh gives fans a clear insight into how he feels about White and the UFC. 

Ryan Kavanaugh Calls For Industry-Wide Innovation

Dana White and Ryan Kavanaugh are each other’s biggest competition. It’s fair to say that a company’s pay to its employees represents how it values them and says a lot about the overall business.

With the boxing industry constantly changing, Ryan Kavanaugh wants to see fighters grow and reach their full potential. Locking them into contracts that hold them back not only hurts the fighters but the whole industry. 

Both White and Kavanaugh are huge names in the boxing industry. Their ongoing feud exposes the disconnect within the boxing community. White opposes changes Kavanaugh is making to the industry.

Despite these attempts from White and other big names, Triller has still made significant progress in the industry and seems to be going nowhere but up. 

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The UFC’s Biggest Challenges

According to Forbes, UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou openly admitted that he doesn’t feel like the UFC has treated him fairly at all. Claiming that once his contract ends, he will no longer be boxing under the UFC name. Ngannou admits, “At a business level, I get it, but from a human level, it’s awful.”

It’s difficult to see someone who has spent so much time in an organization speak out and say how neglected he feels. Ngannou says, regardless of the UFC, that he will make the switch to boxing before he retires.

It’s a fascinating dynamic that Kavanaugh is standing up for these boxers in contract with the UFC. It will be interesting to see if other UFC boxers will follow the steps of Ngannou and start to stand up and speak out about this issue. 

It’s well-understood how much physical and mental work these fighters are putting into their careers, and to see them start to speak out about it has to be a wake-up call for White. With pay always under scrutiny, and everyone wanting fair compensation for their hard work, it’s only suitable to settle these issues.

It will be very interesting to see if more fighters come forward and speak out about their experience and what changes might come to the UFC in the future. 

What does Ryan Kavanaugh Propose?

Ryan Kavanaugh has become quickly respected in the fight game. He is the co-owner of TrillerNet, which includes the Triller social media app, Fite.TV, Triller Fight Club, Triad Combat, and other related entertainment properties.

Triller targets what Kavanaugh calls the “culture-graphic” age group from 17-27, bringing younger eyes into the boxing industry. In December, Triller announced it would go public in a reverse merger with SeaChange, a deal valued at $5 billion.

Triller has brought the world of boxing to a younger audience, bringing new changes to the industry. Knowing the enormous influence social media platforms have, it will be fascinating to see their impact on the fight game. 

What makes Triller stand out is its ability to attract and keep a younger audience interested in the content. Triller puts relevant, up-and-coming boxers on the undercards of events, bringing in new viewers.

Ryan Kavanaugh has worked with some very high-profile names. He has notably worked with fighters like Evander Holyfield, Vitor Belfort, and YouTube influencers like Jake Paul. Bringing influencers in boxing has expanded the community, competition, and audience.

Jake Paul, a massive name in the YouTube/influencer space, has over 20 million subscribers. Paul’s influence alone becoming part of the Triller team brings a whole new set of eyes to the sport. 

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Triller Shakes Up the Industry

In November 2020, Triller debuted its first pay-per-view bout between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr. bringing in over 1 million viewers. With big names like that in the game, Triller established itself as a must-watch. Bringing influencers into boxing has expanded the community, competition, and audience.

One would think that the boxing community would enjoy having a younger audience, bringing in new revenue streams. Still, there seems to be a pushback from the traditional boxing world. Big names in the industry aren’t fond of the idea of mixing MMA and boxing.

But Kavanaugh has identified a market for it, and, with his track record of success as a Hollywood producer and entrepreneur, it follows that Triller Fight Club will continue to grow in popularity. 

Innovator Ryan Kavanaugh has big plans for the future of boxing. It’s exciting to watch this traditional sport revamped and evolved to find a new audience, benefiting the industry. Ryan Kavanaugh has impressive returns on his investments and has shown success in many different facets throughout his career.

Kavanaugh has shaken up the boxing industry, made a name for himself, and has proven he is here to stay. 


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