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What is Signal Private Messenger App?

The signal app comes under the category of messenger apps. This app is quite similar to the existing most popular renowned app Whatsapp Messenger. Now let’s see some of the important features of the signal app which made users say goodbye to WhatsApp and shift to the Signal Messenger app. Signal Private Messenger is an instant messaging app with the tagline “Say hello to Different Messaging Experience – Focus on Privacy.” This app is also very much similar to all other apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram where you can send and receive high-fidelity messages, HD voice/video call anywhere in the world.

Signal Private Messenger app is developed by a non-profit organization named Signal Foundation. And the Signal Foundation was started by former WhatsApp co-founder Brien Action in 2018. The signal app is very much similar to WhatsApp as it holds all the major features of WhatsApp such as end-to-end encryption, Hd Voice and Video Calling, Group Chat, Chat backup, and many more interesting features. This app has extra added privacy where one cannot add people automatically without their assent. Likely Signal is available for all devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, MAC, Windows, Linux.

Signal App Download and Install
Signal Private Messenger App Download and Install

Why Signal App is Trending Now?

A sudden hike in interest over Signal App is observed and has been the talk all over the world. One of the reasons behind a sudden hike is because of Elon Musk’s post, who asked his followers to “Join Signal”. Apart from this the major reason behind the signal app registrations hike is due to Whatsapp New Privacy Policy Update. After the confirmation about the privacy policy from the Whatsapp team, Many users are not happy with the new privacy policy and opting signal app as an alternative to Whatsapp. And there are immense registrations on the signal app over the past two days.

How to Download and Use Signal Private Messenger App?

Signal App is available for a wide variety of devices including Android, iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, Windows, MAC, Linux. To download the app you can visit the concerned links from below and proceed with the procedure of using a signal app.

Android Devices  :   Signal App for Android Devices
iOS Devices      :   Signal App for iOS Devices
Windows Devices  :   Signal App for Windows Devices
Mac Devices      :   Signal App for MAC Devices
Linux Devices    :   Signal App for Linux Devices

How to Use Signal Private Messaging App on Devices

  • After downloading and installing the Signal app on the device.
  • Register and set up your account using your number.
  • After registering verify your account with OTP.
  • Soon after setting up your account, you can see an interface similar to the below screen.
  • That’s it you can send messages and participate in voice & video calls with more privacy.

Signal Vs Whatsapp and Other Messengers

Guys now let’s compare the features available in signal vs features available in Whatsapp and other messengers. Every app has merits and demerits when compared. The signal app is very much similar to Whatsapp you can expect most of the features that are in Whatsapp. Signal app’s main strength is its focus on privacy and it got the best privacy i.e. end-to-end encryption where it encrypts texts, calls, group calls. Unlike WhatsApp, People in the signal app cannot add others to the group without their assent. After Whatsapp’s new policy update, most of the users are not happy and considering using Signal App as an alternative to Whatsapp.

Signal Vs Whatsapp Privacy
Signal Vs Whatsapp Privacy

Signal Private Messenger FAQ’S

Who is the owner of Signal Messenger?

Signal Messenger was founded by Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton in 2018. Brain Acton is a former co-founder of WhatsApp who left Whatsapp in 2017.

Is Signal App Really Safe and Private?

Communications such as Messages, Voice, and Video Chat on Signal are end-to-end encrypted. The messages are encrypted in such a way that only the sender and receiver can see the content of the messages. Even the company cannot see the encrypted messages.

Why should you use Signal?

Signal App comes with a tagline “Say hello to a different messaging experience – Focus on Privacy”. Are you worried about the new Whatsapp privacy policy update then you must consider using the Signal app.

Is Signal App better than WhatsApp?

Signal app is much better than WhatsApp in terms of privacy. After the Whatsapp new privacy policy update signal becomes stronger in terms of privacy.


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