Best Grammarly Alternatives: These days Proofreading apps and websites turned as the last line of defense before you publish the content. Undoubtedly the market for free and paid online grammar checker tools took a peak rise recently. Before we jump into the content for today “Best Grammarly Alternatives for Grammar Checking”. I wanna know if you’ve got a preferred free online grammar checker tool. If so, drop it down in the comments section. And if you would like to know what are my recommendations make sure that you stick around to the end of this article. Before all this let me focus primarily on Why and What is the need for free online grammar checking tools and what exactly they are intended for.

Being a content creator one must ensure a mistake and errorless content in his/her publications. But there could be many situations where we make a lot of mistakes that are not noticeable even. And these mistakes could be of any type such as grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and a lot more. Especially if you are a content creator and a blogger you must ensure clean and good grammar content to grab visitor’s attention. There comes the need for grammar checker tools to proofread and to correct the errors. A blogger or a content creator creates a lot of content daily, If you are a content writer Below the list of best Grammarly Alternatives will be handy for you to increase the quality of content.

About Grammarly

Over the past few years, I have tested many online grammar checker tools and proofreading apps. To be honest, Grammarly is one of the best ones out and truly amazing most used, and popular grammar checker tools and apps for grammar review. Grammarly tool corrects all your grammatical and punctuation errors. It prompts suggestions to correct the errors and mistakes with the advanced inbuilt grammar checker tools. I always recommend it to new writers as it helps you to find and fix errors in a way that the inbuilt checker in Word or Docs, What’s more, it’s a powerful tool for beginners and experienced too.

Online Grammar Checker Tools Like Grammarly
Best Grammarly Alternatives 2020 Apps

Grammarly has a powerful plagiarism tool checker that detects duplicated content across the web which is a handy tool for bloggers and content creators. However, Grammarly has limited features in the free version and to avail of all the features, one needs to upgrade to the premium version which is quite expensive. Don’t worry in this article you, I’m going to share with you 5 Different Grammarly alternatives and Best Online Grammar Checker tools to fix grammar errors online. 

What Are Grammarly Alternatives Apps??? Best Online Grammar Checker Tools like Grammarly, Free Grammarly Alternative Apps

Below are the online grammar checking tools which provide almost all the features of Grammarly and regarded or replaced as the best Grammarly alternatives for 2020.

  • ProWritingAid.
  • WhiteSmoke.
  • GingerSoftware.
  • PaperRater.
  • Hemingway App.
  • Virtual Writing Tutor

ProWriting Aid (Free & Paid)

ProWritingAid comes to us with the features for spelling, grammar, writing style, pacing, and many other errors checking functionalities that Microsoft cannot catch them. It integrates with Word, Chrome, Google Docs, and Scrivener applications. It also has its own desktop version and web version. Exclusively for content creators, this ProWritingAid has a plagiarism checker that you can check for content being copied over the internet. This particular online grammar checker app offers different checkers—style, grammar, spelling, pacing, homonyms, dialogue and holds 70 –  80 % accuracy and regarded as the best Grammarly alternative app. The only con of this app is that it is a premium version you need to pay for using this awesome grammar checker tool. You can check out the prices and buy from the below-provided link.

Get ProWritingAid Here

Ginger Software (Free & Paid)

Ginger is such an app that provides quite impressive performance and quality over grammar checks. It is a solid competitor and Best Grammarly Alternatives. Ginger software is a lot more similar to Grammarly. Ginger software bundles with all the features like spelling, grammar, sentences rephrase, personal trainer, text reader, translation, and dictionary tools. Ginger uses groundbreaking technology to detect grammar and spelling errors in sentences and to correct them with unmatched accuracy. Like the Grammarly app, Ginger Software integrates with Word, Chrome, Safari, etc..It also has its own desktop version, Web version, Android & iOS Version, Mac Version.

Get Ginger Software From Here

Whitesmoke (Free & Paid)

WhiteSmoke is an all-in-one English writing tool that provides grammar, spell, punctuation, and style checkers. Whitesmoke being the best translator that can actually translate text from 50 different languages and check them for grammar issues. With Whitesmoke you can quickly begin writing, editing, translating, and enhancing the documents. Like all other apps, WhiteSmoke has its own Windows version and web versions that support Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, etc…For bloggers and content writers, this tool will be handy as it provides a Plagiarism checker. The only con of using this product is that it is a premium version where you need to spend a few bucks. Its Monthly subscription costs around $5.

Get WhiteSmoke Software

Hemingway Editor (Free & Paid)

Hemingway Editor is a free to use web app to correct the spellings, grammar errors, phrase errors, punctuations, etc… It also got an offline version where you can check and correct your publications directly without the internet. If you like writing offline this tool Hemingway editor is handy for you. What actually is that you need to buy this desktop version, unlike its free version. You can use it anywhere without having the internet, you can integrate directly to WordPress and medium. You can export to Microsoft Word and other editors too. Hemmingway Editor is one such best Grammarly alternatives.

Get Hemingway Editor Software

PaperRater (Free)

PaperRater uses Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to analyze the submissions. PapaerRater improves your writing that includes spelling checking, grammar checking, punctuation checking. PapaerRater tools also offer plagiarism checking and automated proofreading.

Get PaperRater Software

Virtual Writing Tutor (Free)

Virtual Writing Tutor is a free online grammar check website or proofreader that helps writers count words, check to spell, check grammar and punctuation, check ing vocabulary, check to paraphrase, improve word choice. It is a free best Grammarly alternatives to check grammar online.

Get Virtual Writing Tutor Software

These are my best and top recommendations to Grammarly Alternatives and Best Online Grammar Checker tools. And I would always do recommend Grammarly to new writers and beginners. if you are interested in any other tools consider using one of these tools. Guys do share If there are any grammar checker tools available other than the above-listed grammar checker tools.


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