Hello everyone it’s spidy again, Today’s article will be completely handy for all the existing Youtubers and also for all upcoming YouTubers. It is well known that a creative thumbnail will bring more attention and more views to your youtube videos. Here in this article, I will share a wonderful application PixelLab – Text On Pictures that can make your youtube thumbnails more lucrative, creative. You can also make outstanding text-embedded pictures for your social media profiles with pixelLab app. Guys, If you are visiting my website for the first time do subscribe to get notified about the latest articles.

What is PixelLab App and How to use it?

PixelLab – Text on Picture is a product AppHoldings that enable users to create awesome text on pictures. PixelLab is well-known for YouTubers and graphic designers as they prefer PixelLab for creating outstanding thumbnails for their videos. If you are an upcoming Youtuber then you should download this app and you can make stunning logos, thumbnails, stylish YouTube banners, and many more. It got a simple interface that a newbie can easily understand the interface and can use the app with no hurdles. With this app, you’ll be able to create stunning graphics, add stylish text, modify texts, add designs, add 3D texts, and many more on the pictures. This is a quick and brief intro about PixelLab and now let’s jump back to the conversation How to Download and Use PixelLab App on Windows Pc/Laptop.

Download PixelLab for Pc/Laptop, How to Use PixelLab app on Windows 10/8.1/7 Computer

As of now information, the PixelLab app is not a cross-platform app and it is available only for android users. Since the non-availability of the official PixelLab Pc version, you cannot use it on windows pc /laptop as a package. Guys check out this Moshow Pc App to make awesome short videos. But still, you can use the PixelLab app on Pc using emulators. If you are not interested in using emulators to download pixellab app, Scroll down to find an alternative procedure too.

How to Download and Use PixelLab for Pc/Laptop
How to Download and Use PixelLab on Windows Pc/Laptop

If you are an existing user of Google Chrome, You can skip the emulator procedure and try out the method of Downloading the PixelLab APP on Windows from Google Chrome Store. Below you can find both the methods, It is suggested to follow and try as per your comfort zone.

Best Ways to Download PixelLab on Computer

As said above you can easily download the PixelLab App on Windows 10/7/8.1 Pc/Laptop. Check out another short video-making Josh app for Pc or Laptop.

  • From Google Chrome Store using Arcwelder
  • Using Emulators (Bluestacks/Nox/MemuPlay)

How to Download and Install PixelLab App on Windows Using Google Chrome Webstore Without Bluestacks

To Get the PixelLab App on your PC, You need a Google Chrome Browser on your Pc/Laptop. With the google chrome browser, you can install most apps, extensions, and themes on your computer.

Download Google Chrome Browser

Here I will guide you on how to download and install PixelLab App on your PC (Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac) using this web extension.

  • Firstly search and install the Arc Welder extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/arc-welder/emfinbmielocnlhgmfkkmkngdoccbadn) from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Now open the arc welder extension and launch it.
  • In the next window, You will be asked for an APK file so to proceed with further pixellab for pc installation you need to download the latest PixelLab App Apk.
  • After downloading the PixelLab Apk, Browse the apk file and click on Test It.
  • This will open the PixelLab App in another instance and also store it in Chrome Apps.
  • To open the PixelLab app, Go to the Chrome Apps section to find and launch it.
  • Now you can start using PixelLab App on Pc/Laptop to make awesome pictures, thumbnails, and many more.

Download and Install PixelLab App for Windows Pc/Laptop using Bluestacks, Nox, MemuPlay Emulator

In this method, we make use of a handy tool known as “EMULATORS” that can run any android app on Windows 10/7/8.1 Pc/Laptop. Most of us are might be aware of emulators if you don’t know what is an emulator means it is a simple third-party software package that emulates or render Android apps on Windows Computer. You can choose any of the Emulators mentioned below and continue with the PixelLab Pc installation. Before actually seeing the process check out the minimum Pc requirements to download and install emulators on Windows Pc/Laptop.

Minimum Pc or Computer Requirements to Download Emulators

To download and install PixelLab App on your Computer make sure that your PC/Laptop meets the below requirements

Operating System  : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 
RAM               : Recommended 2Gb Ram and Above 
Processor         : Intel Core i3 and above 
Disk Space        : 700 MB of free space required

Here I will share a complete process of downloading and installing the PixelLab App on Windows Pc using Bluestacks Emulator.

How to Download PixelLab App for Pc/Laptop With Windows 10/7/8.1 OS using Bluestacks Emulator.

As said above with the help of emulators one can easily download any android app to Pc. So here I make use of one of the most popular well-known android emulator Bluestacks to download and use the PixelLab app on Pc. Bluestacks 5 the latest version will bring any of the android apps to your Computer. If your PC meets the above requirements you can download the PixelLab app on Windows using Bluestacks App Player.

Step 1: Download and install BlueStacks on your PC/Laptop.

Download Bluestacks 5 Android Emulator

Step 2: Complete the Google sign-in process to access the Play Store.

Download and Install PixelLab App for Pc
Download and Install PixelLab App on Pc with Windows Os

Step 3: Look for PixelLab in the play store from the search bar provided at the top right corner.

Step 4: From the search results find the app PixelLab and click to install.

Step 5: On the next page you would find the Install option simply click on it to start installing pixelLab on windows computers.

Step 6: After installing, PixelLab will appear on the Bluestacks homepage.

How to Use Pixellab app on Pc to Make Thumbnails
How to Use Pixellab app on Pc to Make Thumbnails

Step 7: Click the PixelLab icon on the home screen to start using it on the Windows Pc/Laptop.

How to Download PixelLab App on Windows 10/7/8.1 Pc/Laptop using Nox App Player and MemuPlay.

If you are facing any issues with bluestacks android emulator because of the Low-end Pc or any compatibility issues you can try another alternative android emulator Nox App Player or MemuPlay to download and install the PixelLab app on to Windows Pc.

Firstly, Download any of the emulators given below and proceed with the PixelLab installation on Pc/Laptop.

Download NoxPlayer Android Emulator

Download MemuPlay App Player

Step 1: Install the downloaded Android emulator onto your windows pc/laptop.

Step 2: Launch the App player whatever you have installed on your computer.

Step 3: If required or asked, Complete the process of Google Sign-In to get access to Playstore.

Step 4: Search for PixelLab App from the search bar provided or by opening the playstore app inside the emulator.

Step 5: Find out the PixelLab from the search results and click on it to install it on your Windows Pc.

Step 6: On the App installation page once again click on the install button and wait for few seconds to complete PixelLab Pc installation on windows and mac computers.

Note: Downloading and Installing of PixelLab App for Pc/Laptop procedure remains the same for every emulator so it is suggested to pick the best one from the market.

Hope our tutorial helped you in getting PixelLab App for your Windows Pc. If you are met with any of the errors while trying the above procedure do checkout FAQ’S sections for resolution. Still, if your query is not resolved do comment it down to get it solved. You can also share your feedback about using this app in below comment sections.

FAQS on PixelLab for Pc Download and Install

Is PixelLab available for Pc?

  • Officially there is no Pc version of PixelLab.

Is PixelLab a free application?

  • Yes, PixelLab is absolutely free to use on android devices.

What is PixelLab is used for?

  • PixelLab is used to create stunning graphics, some text effects, and many more.

How do I download PixelLab for PC?

  • Yes, you can download and use pixellab by using emulators.

Are emulators safe for your computer?

  • Yes, Emulators are 100% safe for your PC or laptop. They are just an emulation engine there could be no problem with emulators. However, you need to select the best emulator in the market. If you are looking for a safe and legit emulator, BlueStacks is the best option.


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