What’s up this is spidy welcome back to another important fix or solution to the Call of Duty game. In this article I’ll be going through a whole bunch of fixes for the call of duty warzone season 2 that will help in fixing your game issues like the game is not starting, Frequently crashing, Crashing on startup and many more like that. While there are many possible fixes and solutions available, In this article I have listed the most widely used fixes to solve the Call of Duty – Warzone Coldwar Season 2 Not Starting, Game won’t Launch, Game Crashing.

So friends I recommend trying the game out in between each fix so that you can identify whether your issue is solved or not. I’m very much confident and sure that your fix will be somewhere within this article and your game will be working by the end of this article. I recommend you to try all the methods and solutions mentioned here as someone’s issue can be resolved by following the 1st method and some may need to try all the methods. It is highly suggested to go into more details about your issues in case of something more specific and then follow our fixes.

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Fix Cod Cold War, Warzone Season 2 Not Starting, Crash
How to Fix Cod Cold War, Warzone Season 2 Not Starting, Crash

FIX Warzone Season 2 Not Starting, Solve Call Of Duty ColdWar Season 2 won’t Launch Or Start, Crash, Many More Errors

Call of Duty – Warzone was one of the popular games that are played by lots of gamers across the world. Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War is the greatest RELEASES and many of us enjoy playing Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War. To make the game more compatible and to enhance gameplay there are lots of updates being added regularly to the game. Now With the Season 2 update that has come out recently disappointed tons of people with Errors and Crashing.

Today We’re gonna talk about how to fix the most common errors observed after the Call of Duty WarZone and Cold War season 2 update. Alright, I’m here to give you the ultimate guide today all you need to go through the article and find a proper fix to the error. But before I will put an entire list of tips and things you need to make sure to run these High-end Pc games on your Pc/Laptop. And let’s get into top things that you need to make sure if you like to play High-End Pc games like Call Of Duty Warzone, PUBG PC, Fortnite, Valorant.

1) You need a high-end CPU to play the Call of Duty Warzone game smoothly.
2) You need a Compatible and Enough ram to run this game.
3) You need the latest updates for smooth performance.

Alright, now let’s get into fixes for most issues such as Warzone Season 2 Not Starting, Cold WAR crashing, Call of Duty Warzone game won’t launch or not opening.

Update Graphics Drivers, Reset Graphics Settings, Update Pc/Laptop

Before we get into any actual fixes the first thing you should try is updating your graphics card drivers. Most probably you may have Nvidia graphics or AMD graphics card. One can find the latest drivers from the official platform or you can update your graphics card drivers from your Pc/Laptop too.

After updating the graphics card now update the Windows. In order to update the windows simply go to Start and type in update and then open up windows update settings and from here you can check for updates and then download and install any required and latest updates that are available for your computer. Now you’ve tried updating your Windows Pc and Graphics card drivers now restart your Pc and then start the game again and figure out whether your issue is resolved or not. If you are still facing issues with game-opening let’s continue to find out the fix from below.

Close Background Programs and Processes

And the next fix is by turning off or close the background programs that are not essential while playing Call of Duty Warzone. To close the non-essential background programs go to the bottom taskbar on your Pc/Laptop and right-click to bring up the windows task manager from here you can find the programs that are not essential and close them. Make sure you have closed all the background processes and now check the game whether the issue is got fixed or not. If the issue still persists proceed ahead for more fixes for the call of duty warzone season 2 game not starting.

Resetting Game Settings, KeyBinds to Default

The next thing that we could try is resetting the game settings back to default i.e resetting key bindings, resetting the settings. It may be your settings causing the issue so reset the game settings back to defaults and then open up the game. Most possibly this will fix your issue. If still your issue is not fixed try alternate below fixes too.

Link Activision account to Game

Another huge one from getting disconnects and crashing at the screen was that your Activision account is not linked. Make sure your Activision is linked to enjoy an uninterrupted environment. To do so Go to activision.com and log in to make sure your XBOX, PC, and your blizzard account are on the same account and connected.

Scan and Repair Call of Duty Warzone Game

Open up the launcher and head to the warzone game. Head over to the Play button and click the settings wheel next to it. Now from the displayed menu simply click scan and repair this will run through all of the files on your computer and check with the server’s files. If any file or folder is missing due to partially download then they will be redownloaded and this will make sure all the files in your local computer are the same as server files exactly. After performing scan and repair also if the issue or crashing is still existed uninstall the game and reinstall it.

Uninstall and Re-Install Call Of Duty WarZone Game

You have to completely wash all the Call of Duty Warzone files like player data, settings data, folders, cache files, etc out of your system by uninstalling the game and deleting out all the files from your local system. Then reboot your computer and reinstall the game thereby all the cache files will get refreshed.

These are the end-to-end fix for all general issues. However, if you tried all of these simple fixes make sure to keep searching you’ll probably find your issue. The above discussed general fixes that will usually fix the issues with the errors game not starting up, game crashing, the game won’t launch. If you found any other different solution you can provide more information by visiting the comment section down below and leave your solution there to help other people who may be experiencing some issues. But anyways hope you found something useful to troubleshoot issues and I’ll see you all next time with another important update.


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