WhatsApp with billions of active users undoubtedly one of the biggest instant messaging applications in the world. It is constantly updating the services and their features thereby making the app more effective. In the past 3 years, many features like Voice Call, Video Call, Emoji chat got added to Whatsapp. But “Setting WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping” is the most waited and wanted feature by every user and it is now an issue for most Whatsapp users. If you need to edit a photo, like adding a white background to an image prior to upload, check out photoroom.com

However, I’m going to share here the interesting tricks that allow you to set your Whatsapp profile picture or DP without cropping. I’m sure that 99% of Whatsapp users do not know this trick but everybody wants to use this trick as well. With this trick not only you can able to surprise your friends even you can able to surprise everybody. Before getting more about this if you want more awesome features unlocked on your Whatsapp application means you can try the following modified versions, FMWhatsapp, YOWhatsapp on your smartphone.  There are many more tricks and tips coming if you are here for the first time, Do subscribe and turn on push notifications to get notified of future updates.

Why Whatsapp Crop the Profile Picture Every time?

Whatsapp developers predefined and set an uploading standard for WhatsApp profile picture. Every profile picture must appear as a square and should be in a 1:1 aspect ratio. Whenever you upload a photo with a different aspect ratio on Whatsapp as a profile picture you are forced to crop the photo to a defined size so you can only set some part of your picture as a Whatsapp profile picture or Dp.

Setup Whatsapp Profile Picture or Dp Without Cropping
How to Setup Whatsapp Profile Picture or Dp Without Cropping

Is there any possibility of setting Whatsapp Profile Picture without Cropping?

If you have an Image or Photo that is large or rectangle in shape, then you should crop it as we cannot set the full picture as Whatsapp Dp because of Whatsapp standards. Well, Do I need to crop my image to set it as a Whatsapp Profile Picture? Absolutely not required here I am going to share the trick to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture or Dp without Cropping. Read on to know more.

Possible ways to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture or DP without Cropping

On my findings, I found some interesting apps and methods that resize the whole image without losing quality to Whatsapp defined size and Aspect ratio. Follow the below steps to set any image or photo completely as a Whatsapp profile picture without cropping it.

  1. Using Squaredroid App.
  2. Using Whatsapp No Crop App.
  3. Set Online Without Any App.

Set your Whatsapp Profile Picture By using WhatsCrop

Here I’m gonna use one of the above apps to set the whole picture as a Whatsapp profile picture or DP. So without wasting any time let’s get started here, Firstly you need to go to the Google Play Store and in Google Play Store you need to look for an application called “WhatsCrop”. If you talk about this WhatsCrop application it has 4.2 ratings along with more than 5 million downloads. Download and Install WhatsCrop on your smartphone and you can start setting your Whatsapp profile picture without cropping.

Install WhatsCrop

Click on the above-provided link to install WhatsCrop App on your Smartphone

How it Works

This app will automatically adjust the picture size to be the maximum allowed without losing any part of it thereby avoiding cropped pictures. This app can be used for the Instagram app too.

  • Once the app got installed on your smartphone just simply click on the app to open it.
  • You will see an interface as shown below and you will be getting few options on the bottom of the screen. You have to click on the first option and then click on the select photo.
    Set Whatsapp Profile Picture without cropping
    Set Whatsapp Dp Using without Crop
  • Now it will ask you to grant permissions to select photos from media and storage. Simply click on allow and proceed.
  •  After granting permissions click again the select photo option this time you can easily select the photo from your gallery that you want to Set as a Dp or profile picture.
  • That’s it your photo will automatically set as per Whatsapp constraints without even cropping. Click on Fit to Square and tap the save button.
    How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture using WhatsCrop
    How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture using WhatsCrop
  • Now get back to Whatsapp and click on Settings -> Profile Picture -> Select the saved photo. This time you could observe the whole full picture instead of part of the picture.

This is how you can set your Whatsapp profile picture without cropping using the WhatsCrop app.

Set your Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Crop – Using #SquareDroid

Here in this method, we will make use of another fantastic application called SquareDroid to set Whatsapp profile picture without cropping. $SquareDroid is also very much similar to WhatsCrop that adjusts the picture to Whatsapp standards.

Install #SquareDroid

Click on the above-provided link to install the #SquareDroid App on your Smartphone

  • All you need to download an application called #SquareDroid from Google Play Store and then install it on your smartphone.
  • Now open the downloaded application and select the photo you need to set as DP.
  • In the next step, you are required to choose the background for your images. You can choose from the available backgrounds such as blur, plain, gradient, etc.
  • After choosing the background save your image to the gallery.
    Set Whatsapp Profile Picture using #Squaredroid
    How to Set Whatsapp Dp with #Squaredroid
  • Now get back to Whatsapp and then go to Settings => Change profile picture => Select the image saved.
  • That’s all it simply sets the whole picture as your Whatsapp DP and you won’t see any option to crop the picture.

How to Set Whatsapp Profile Picture Without Cropping Online.

For those who are not interested in using apps on your devices, You can use this website to resize your image to WhatsApp profile size and WhatsApp post size online.

  • As per Whatsapp, the standards for Whatsapp Profile Photo Size are defined as below.
    • Whatsapp Profile Picture or Dp:
      • 192×192 pixels for smartphones with 4-5 inches screen.
      • 140×140 pixels for smartphones with less than 4 inches screen.

How it Works

  • You can use this Whatsapp profile photo image resizer, Whatsapp DP image resize online tool to generate exact standard file sizes in pixels required to share on this Whatsapp platform.
  • Go to http://www.imageresizeonline.com/ and select the WhatsApp menu and choose the option you require to resize the image to exact dimensions.
  • You can also click on the Manual Resize option to resize the picture in the assigned size. Use a cropper to crop the photo.
  • Download the resized images to your smartphone and upload them on your Whatsapp as your profile picture

This all about how you can set Whatsapp profile picture without cropping online and using android applications. Whatever the picture might be you don’t need to crop any with this trick you can able to set any profile picture it doesn’t matter how many people are there in the picture or how big the picture is this trick really helps you. I hope this article is handy for you. if you have any questions about it you can simply comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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