Fix Player not moving in Pokemon Go: You might be familiar with the gameplay of Pokemon Go, If not find out the look at Gameplay of Pokemon Go or Gameplay of Pokemon Go on Wikipedia. Pokemon go is a completely real-world augmented game ie you need to move your device in order to move the character or player in the game. There are no buttons or joysticks to control the game. This made users go crazy with the Pokemon Go game. Are you interested to know and see more about the Pokemon Go game you can proceed down the article and also visit the official website.

However, If you are playing the game for the first time you might face like Failed to Detect Location of Pokemon Go or Player or Character not moving in Pokemon Go. If you are the one facing any of the above-mentioned issues, We have individual guides discussing each and every issue with the Pokemon go game. How to Fix Failed to Detect Location of Pokemon Go on Android and iOS Smartphones. Present here we will be solving the problem How to Fix or Solve Character or Player not moving in Pokemon Go game on iOS and Android Devices.

[Fixed] Character or Avatar or Player not moving in Pokemon Go Game on iOS and Android Smartphones

To far concern, Player not moving in Pokemon Go game error is related to GPS or Location issues with your devices or Server connectivity issues. So you need to take control of your device GPS and Location, to solve the person not moving in Pokemon go game on iOS and Android smartphones. We have 3 possible methods to fix your device Gps or Location and Pokemon go character or person not responding issue.

Fix Player not moving on Pokemon Go Game
Fix Character or Avatar or Player not moving on Pokemon Go Game on Android and ios devices

I may not guarantee that the issue will be fixed on the following single method, So buddies try to follow all the methods and solve the issue. Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, Asus, Sony, Xiaomi, Lg holding Operating systems KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow can make use of this tutorial. All iOS devices can also follow this tutorial to fix Player not moving in the Pokemon Go Game.

Method 1: Fix Character or Player not Moving in Pokemon Go by enabling location

The player fails to respond when your location is turned off so to turn on the location of your device, To do so follow the below steps

  • Open Settings of your device and open locations.
  • Toggle this to green to activate.
  • Also set to open and high accuracy mode to play without errors.

Method 2: Disable mock locations of your device in developer options.

  • 1. Go to “about phone”. Tap on build number numerous 4-7 times.
  • Now this will open developer options. Go to mock locations and disable it.

Method 3: Fix Pokémon Go person not walking by reconnecting to the server

Pokemon Go character is not moving forward or backward or the game is frozen. This happens because of a bad Internet connection. You will observe issues like Player not moving or Pokeball got frozen when the game lost connectivity to the server. To re-establish connection follow the below steps you need to close the app and then reopen it again. This will reconnect to Niantic’s servers and get back to the game.

  • Press the Home button, Open a new Pokemon Go app.
  • Then long-press the home button to see the multitasking screen.
  • Now choose the Pokémon Go card and select the Pokémon Go card to re-enter the app.

Hope you guys Fixed the issue character or the player not moving on the Pokemon Go game. If you have any other solution or queries regarding Player or Character not moving in the Pokemon go game ?? Shoot your comments in the below comment box. Are you with any other Pokemon go game issue which is not available on our blog ??? You can request us through the comment form. Thank you.


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