Pokemon Go is an augmented reality AR Mobile game developed and published by Niantic company for Android and iOS Devices. This mobile game is free-to-play on devices that use GPS to locate, capture and train virtual Pokemon creatures. Pokemon GO game has around 600 species in it to train. Pokemon Go game is receiving huge downloads and hits from all over the world. Popularity can be assessed it’s in-app purchases already reached billions. Soon everyone will be able to play Pokemon Go in most of the countries around the world.

Apart from talking about huge success, the Pokemon go game has also seen issues like Server crashes, Pokemon go not downloading, Failed to detect the location in Pokemon Go, GPS signal Not found, Player or character not moving in the game and many other issues are being reported daily onto Niantic labs support. However, our blog is continuously updating solutions for newly emerged issues and errors. In the series of tutorials today I’m going to discuss How to Fix Pokemon go can’t detect camera orientation switch off AR mode error.

How to Fix Pokemon go Game Can’t detect Camera Orientation on Android/iOS Phones

Before entering into the tutorial firstly you should know why you are getting Can’t detect camera orientation switch off Ar Mode. It makes you judge what is the best way to fix or solve the issue Can’t detect Camera Orientation or Phone in pokemon go.

How to Fix Pokemon go Can’t detect Camera Orientation
How to Fix Pokemon go cannot detect camera or phone orientation on android and ios devices

Why Pokemon Go is not detecting my phones or camera orientation?

When you are starting the battle in pokemon go it starts in AR mode, but then a pop-up will warns We are not detecting your Android orientation Would you like to turn Off AR mode. The most possible reason for “Can’t detect Camera Orientation or Phone in Pokemon Go” is the Gyroscope Sensors availability in the devices. If you are not seeing any pokemon in AR mode in battle it indicates that your device doesn’t have a gyroscope. The gyroscope is likely used to detect the orientation of the phone, to angle the pokemon in such a way that it is touching the surface that is the floor, and that it is displayed at the right angle. If your device is not equipped with a gyroscope, the AR mode will not work. Phones which lack gyroscope sensors are reporting about Pokemon go cannot detect camera orientation Switch off Ar Mode. Follow the below solutions to Fix Can’t detect Camera Orientation or Phone in Pokemon Go game.

How to fix Pokemon go Can’t detect Camera Orientation

So first of all if you are seeing this type of error mean you need to check out whether your phone contains a gyroscope or not. You can check by any method we suggest you check through the Sensorbox app. Sensor Box detects all available sensors on your Android device. If your device is equipped with a Gyroscope, Still pokemon go can’t detect camera orientation. The most possible solution is to enable your auto-rotation and start the game.

[Alternate solution] to Fix AR Mode/Camera Not Showing Pokemon

When you started the game, initially it will open up but no pokemon will be visible when you tried to search around. This is because of a lack of gyroscope and the mode will be in AR ie camera. Still, if you are searching for pokemon, A pop up to turn off AR Mode will appear. Many users are complaining that the camera not showing pokemon. As of now, you are advised to play while keeping your cameras or AR turned off. Surely this will fix the issue.

Expected fix for Pokemon go Cannot detect Camera Orientation

This is purely not an issue with a device or game it is the issue with compatibility. So we fairly expect a rollout of an update from Niantic addressing gyroscope incompatibility. Moreover, everyone is expecting an update that will calculate real-time, on every phone, without gyroscope information.

Above are the best methods to fix Pokemon go can’t detect camera orientation or phone orientation switch off Ar Mode. Follow any of the methods to resolve the issue if you are still facing troubles with the camera or phone orientation do wait for an update from Niantic Company. Thank you.


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