Garena free fire game new OB22 Update is all set to come and expected to release on June 3. This new update has been under testing in the servers and will be available to all the users sooner. Developers released the patch notes revealing all the new features, highlights, new characters, etc…The new OB22 update has an anti-hack detection system that will identify and ban cheaters and hackers from the free fire game. More interesting content such as new characters Wolfrahh and Falco, new grim reaper mode are going to be introduced to this game in this update.

You can find the list of Best Free Fire Characters here that will enhance your gameplay. Right now, In this article, I will share all the new Garena Free Fire OB22 Update Features and highlights. Continue reading for complete patch notes. Guys if you are new to our website make sure you subscribe to the latest updates and opt on to push notifications so that you will get notified on new article publishings.

Free Fire OB22 2020 Update Features

  • New Anti Hack Measures.
  • New Clash Squad Store.
  • Weapon Store
  • Purgatory.
  • Info Box
  • New Gamemode.
  • New Characters.
  • New Pet
  • New Training Grounds.

New Garena Free Fire OB22 Update Features, New Characters, New Pet, Game Mode Patch Notes

Below are the listed new upcoming features in the Garena Free Fire OB22 update that had been tested on the servers and ready to come out.

Free Fire Game New Updates Patch Notes
Free Fire Game New Updates Patch Notes
Anti-Hack Measures

As per official OB22 Update Patch notes, It is known that there will be an integration of new anti-hack systems into the game to ensure that no cheating gameplay is observed. This new anti-hack system identifies the players who are using the unofficial third-party assist programs in the game and bans their free-fire game account permanently. It is clearly mentioned that there will zero-tolerance policy against hackers and cheaters and their ban will not lift under any circumstances.

Clash Squad

In this Free Fire Game New OB22 Update, You can see the changes in the clash squad. This will be the Rank Season 1 – The Beginning and the season starts on June 04th, 2020 17:00 GMT+8 and ends on July 29th, 2020 12:00 GMT+8. It got tons of features tackling the AFKers, limiting the grenade spams, most importantly adding seasonal rank rewards. Get ready to kickstart the game with all-new gameplay.

  • Kalahari will be added to the matchmaking pool.
  • Kills and Winrate leaderboards are introduced in this update.
  • Clash squad performance stats are added to the players’ profiles.
  • If Players frequently exit or leave from the match too often will be banned temporarily from Clash Squad (Ranked).
  • Bots will be taken control of disconnected/AFK teammates.
  • Golden Eagle will be available for players who reach Gold III as a Season Reward.

Gameplay Changes in Free Fire OB22 Update

A few gameplay changes Hitmarkers, Purgatory, Infobox, Advance attachments, New weapons, New battlegrounds are introduced in this recent OB22 update.


New hitmakers with an increased size and color adjustments are added to the menu settings and they are available in all modes. Enabling hitmakers will make your shot connects with the enemy.


Purgatory is a map opening adjustment. As the feedback from the players about the map adjustment and relaxed game pace. Purgatory – Classic is added back to the game while the Purgatory – Rush Hour is removed.


Infobox has been added to the game which lets players show the safe zone’s location with teammates. Infobox automatically syncs the safe zone’s area to the teammates so no additional communication is needed.

Other Changes:
  • The bleeding damage of the VSS gun increased from 7 – 8 to make the weapon more viable in competition.
  • To avoid players’ rapid-firing with two Kar98k duration between shots is increased. 30% of the time to unscope after a shot was taken away in this update.
  • Inhaler restrictions of using only at 150HP/EP is removed so you can use it anywhere.

Weapons Added and Updated in Free Fire OB22 Update

New M82B Sniper Gun in Free Fire Game:

The new high damage sniper gun M82B is introduced in this update that will be available in classic matches through an airdrop only. Damage, Range, Speed, capacity details are as follows.

Damage Ratio         :   165
Minimum Damage       :   120
Magazine Capacity    :   8
Effective Range      :   40~90m
Movement Speed       :  90%
Armor Penetration    :  30%

The new sniper rifle with special Ballistic Tips reduces the power of gloo walls in the end game. It Penetrates gloo walls and deals 80% damage to enemies behind it. It also deals with 200% damage to vehicles and gloo walls.

Weapons Damage, Firing, Ammunition Balance in Free Fire OB22 Update


The SKS gun under the AR category will receive an increased Damage, Rate of Fire, and Armor Penetration. Its power is increased by increasing the damage by 40%, rate of fire by 7%, and Armor penetration by 10%. This will give more damage to enemies.

Increased Damage to the body  :   +40%
Increased Rate of Fire        :   +7%
Increased Armor Penetration   :   +10%


SVD is an Airdrop weapon that will receive increased damage and Armor penetration. Its power is increased by increasing the damage by 50%, and the Armor penetration by 30%.

Damage to body     : +50%
Armor Penetration  : +30%


M1887 belongs shotgun family, It was outperforming all other shotguns by a lot. So its power is taken away by reducing its effective range by 15% and damage by 2%.

Effective Range    :  -15%
Minimum Damage     :  -2


M14 is a long-range gun. To make it long-range performance more effective its damage ratio is increased from 50 to 58 and minimum damage is increased from 20 to 30.

Damage Ratio     : 50 -> 58
Minimum Damage   : 20 -> 30

Ammunition Space:

The new OB22 update reduces the amount of SR/SG ammo per stack to free up some inventory space. SR/SG ammo space is reduced from 30 to 20 per stack.

SR ammo : 30->20 per stack
SG ammo : 30->20 per stack

New Skills Indicators Update

  • Skill Activation Indicators: In this update, Skill Activation Indicators are added to the game where the players can know when their skills are activated and whether their skills are effective or not. Skill activation indicators are available in all modes.
  • Active Skill Exchange: Players can now equip other character’s active skills as long as other active skills are equipped.

New Characters, Pets Added or Update to Free Fire Game

New Wolfrahh Character in Free Fire Game

Characters play a key role in this game. In this OB22 new update, a brand new male character namely Wolfrahh is introduced to the game. Wolfrahh is an esports player and a game streamer with a special character set “Damage Dealer” that has the ability to decrease the damage taken from a headshot and increase the damage to the enemy’s limbs.

New Falco Pet in Free Fire Game

A new pet namely Falco is introduced in this OB22 update. It is a bird that has the ability to increase the gliding speed and driving speed.

Free Fire OB22 Update Characters, Pet, Weapons
Free Fire OB22 Update Characters, Pet, Weapons

New Game Modes in Free fire OB22 Update

Bomb Squad

Bomb squad a new game mode will be updated in this update replacing the weapon presets with a store similar to Clash Squad. The preset weapon menu is removed and added armory system for players to purchase weapons as requested by the players in feedback. Bomb squad mode is improved with the quality of bombsite icons. At the end of each round match, the summary will be shown.

New Grim Reaper Game Mode

A new game mode Grim Reaper is added to the game. In this mode, players need to collect reaper power and can use this power to change into Grim Reaper. Grim reaper makes you more powerful and you can kill the enemies with a single shot. The player who reaches the 20 kills first will stand as a winner. Below is the gameplay video of the Grim Reaper Mode.

New Training Mode.

All new completely modified training mode is introduced to the game with this new OB22 update. Two different special training zones have been added to get special training in driving and combat separately. Here you can test all the new weapons, cars, and vehicles in the game.

Other Optimizations

Emote Slots are increased from 6 to 8.
Added Guild System to the game.
Added new sign-in rewards.
Many more added to update check out the official patch notes here.

These are the list of the upcoming features in the Free Fire OB22 update that have been included in the advanced Server and tested. Garena Free Fire OB22 update is expected to hit all the devices on 3rd June 2020. If you are looking for more gaming news and updates stay tuned at our website


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