Unlock Sim on the iPhone is something that is annoying most iPhone users. Actually, The iPhone you buy by paying the full price typically from the Apple Store, and official stores are unlocked by default. But an iPhone brought from any specific network will be locked as a part of its network terms and conditions. Generally, These phones are locked when sold and unlocked later after the contract period and Paying off. Here in this article, I will share with you the Complete information about iPhone Unlock and the Best possible methods to Unlock Sim On iPhone 7, 6, 6s, 8, 5s, SE, 4, 11, XR devices.

What is Unlocking iPhone?

Most probably an iPhone might be locked to the specific carrier when you bought it from a network. But on unlocking, You can use your iPhone with different carriers. As of now, there are many methods to unlock the sim on the iPhone. But the most traditional way and apple support recommended method are to contact your carrier. As Apple doesn’t allow other companies to brand iPhone so Apple cannot unlock your iPhone to use with a different carrier, Only your specific carrier can unlock a sim on iPhone.

Why Your iPhone is Locked?

Most iPhones purchased from the apple store will be unlocked by default it means you can use any carrier sim on that iPhone. But there are some iPhones that can be purchased from carrier networks such as O2, EE, Three, Vodafone, Virgin, etc on an installment pay and contract basis. It means your iPhone is locked to a particular network and such iPhones will only work with a SIM card provided by the carrier network.

How to Unlock Simcard on iPhone
How to Unlock Sim on iPhone

Is it Legal and Safe to Unlock Sim On iPhone?

Yes, iPhone unlocking is completely legal to unlock your iPhone if your contract period and payings are finished. Generally, when you buy a new phone from a network you usually sign up to use the company service for a contract period of certainly 2 years. But when you want to change the phone without going for a new iPhone many people unlock their phones for a new carrier. And the lock can be done only by the carrier under certain conditions such as the expiration of the contract and no due on iPhone installments. So to unlock the sim on your iPhone you need to contact your carrier and unlock it.

How to Check Whether your iPhone Locked or Unlocked?

As it is already known iPhones are available as Locked and Unlocked. If your buying from the apple store by paying the full price mostly you will iPhone is unlocked by default. But if you buy from the carrier or by paying in installments mostly your iPhone will be locked. Are you interested to know How Old is your iPhone check out here? If you are not sure about your iPhone is Locked or Unlocked. You can check out by following methods

Method 1:

Open Settings and Tap Mobile Data/Cellular Data >> Mobile Options/Cellular Options.  If you don’t see an option Mobile Date Network/Cellular Data Network mostly your iPhone is locked. Network switching options don’t appear on locked iPhones.

Method 2:

You can also check whether your iPhone is locked or not just by inserting a Simcard of another network. Now just observe the network symbol on the iPhone screen. If you can see the network name means your iPhone has unlocked for other networks also. In another way try to make a call from your iPhone. If you cannot make a call or seeing any error messages such as “INVALID SIM”, “SIMCARD LOCKED”, “SIMCARD NOT ACCEPTED”, “ENTER SP CODE”, “INSERT CORRECT SIM CARD” etc.

How to Unlock an iPhone and use any SIM Network

If you discovered that your iPhone is locked to a particular network and looking for ways to unlock your iPhone to use any sim network, the below methods will assist you in unlocking your iPhone to use with any network sim.

Contact Carrier Support
Using Third-Party Unlocking Service

How to unlock your iPhone by Contacting Carrier Support

If your iPhone is locked to a particular network, as said earlier unlocking your iPhone is completely associated with that particular network. So below mentioned are some of the well-known networks that unlocking information.

Step 1: Contact your carrier and request an unlock. Depending on your account status with the carrier, The support team will respond to you and further instructions. Soon after your carrier confirms that your iPhone is unlocked. You can start using another network sim on your iPhone.

Unlock an iPhone on EE

Officially EE announced that any iDevices such as iPad, iPhone purchased after September 1 2015 will be automatically unlocked after reaching 18 months older. However, if your iPhone is bought before the above date you need to contact support by filling out this form. Roughly you will receive your account status within 3 days.

Unlock an iPhone on O2

Similarly, if your carrier network is O2 you can unlock your iPhone at any time by using the O2 app if you finished paying your contract. All you need to insert a new sim into your iPhone and complete the iPhone unlock process.

Unlock an iPhone on Three

Three carrier networks also stated that unlocking iPhone is much easier now. The iPhones purchased after 1st January 2014 will be unlocked by default on activating over Wi-Fi and connecting to the iTunes store. If you are having an older iPhone you need to contact the Three Carrier support.

Unlock an iPhone on Virgin Network

Virgin network announced all the iPhones purchased recently will be unlocked by default. However, If you are using older iPhones you need to contact support to unlock your iPhone.

Unlock an iPhone on Vodafone Network

Vodafone network offers to unlock of iPhone regardless of the completion of the contract. You can unlock the iPhone at any time and use any network sim.

How to Unlock Your iPhone by Using Third-Party Unlocking Services

Third-party unlocking services are preferred in certain situations where you are not aware of the iPhone carrier network and you are being the second owner of the iPhone. In these cases, I may suggest you use third-party app services like DOCTORSIM“. This is the most recommended third-party unlocking app service to unlock the locked iPhone. There are many other third-party apps that cost a few bucks for you to unlock. It’s up to you to use the third-party unlocking apps to unlock your iPhone.

How to Use Another Sim Network on iPhone

  • When you discovered that your iPhone is unlocked you can replace the carrier sim card with another sim card.
  • Switch off your iPhone and replace the Simcard and then turn on your iPhone.
  • As your iPhone is unlocked recently you need to reset your device.
  • But before you reset your iPhone make sure to backup your iPhone.
  • Now to reset your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  • After erasing all content now restore your previous data from iTunes store backup.
  • Now go to the How to Check iPhone Locked or Unlocked section and follow the steps.

That’s it!!! I hope our article helped in unlocking your iPhone. Now all you can freely use any network Simcard on your iPhone. Stay tuned here for more interesting and updated information.


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