Right now, Whole the world is enjoying pokemon go gameplay. Undoubtedly pokemon go crossed millions of downloads and stood as leading in all app stores. This interesting Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic Labs from Nintendo. Within less time the game quickly became one of the most downloaded and top gaming app for smart devices in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada. It makes use of GPS and a camera of compatible devices. You can see the complete Gameplay of Pokemon Go here. However, there are some glitches in pokemon go where everyone needs to concentrate. This post summarizes all Major Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems, and their Solutions, Fixes.

[Solved] Major Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems and their Solutions/Fixes

If you are looking to play pokemon go without any errors or issues on Android or iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) devices !!!!!!! Look down the guide for a list of issues that are being faced by Pokemon Go gamers. We have also listed possible solutions and fixes for pokemon go issues on android and iPhone. Do follow us to know the major Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems, and their  Solutions/Fixes.

Pokemon Go Consumes Lot of Battery-Fix Battery Drain/Battery Issues

As I said before Pokemon Go uses GPS and Internet Connectivity which will definitely drain our battery a lot faster than other games. Battery Draining Issues in the Pokemon Go game is a major issue so far found and to address these issues we mentioned the best possible ways. Do follow them in requirement

Download Pokemon Go App
Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems and their Solutions/Fixes.
  • Tap on the Battery saver, Which will automatically reduce the device’s unnecessary props like brightness, sounds, and notifications alerts.
  • No one likes to stop enjoying the gameplay, So do carry power banks or battery.
  • Finally, You should wait for the fix from Niantic Labs. Like so many players complained about the battery draining issue on pokemon go and Niantic is working on the issue.

Battery Draining is the major one among all Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems. We need to wait for an update that will fix battery draining in the Pokemon Go game.

Pokemon go Game crashes/Stops responding on my device

Sometimes while playing the game you may stucks, crashes or game stops responding for activities. Possible reasons for such issues are Server not responding, Poor Internet Connection. Crosscheck the below points and decide what to do.

  • If Pokeball remains spinning at the top  left corner most possibly it might be because of graphics not functioning properly
  • If Pokeball goes on spinning then you might lose the internet connectivity and pokemon go is trying to reconnect to the server.

In both, cases reboot or restart the game which will regain then server connectivity and also refreshes the device graphics. To do so follow below steps

  • Go back to your main home screen
  • Open up the multitasking screen
  • Swipe the Pokemon go card in order to exit the app
  • Then restart these Pokemon go app.

Pokemon Go Game not installed (Android/iOS) Devices

Pokemon go can be installed on only certain devices. Please check out the devices which can install pokemon go right from here. If you failed to meet the above requirements then most probably errors you will counter are Pokemon Go Not Able to Installed or Pokemon Go Not Compatible to your device. The latest issue where most users are seeing is Pokemon Go not available this is the most common and that can only be resolved by Niantic labs. Pokemon Go is officially available in only a few countries. When the team decides to launch pokemon go in your country you will be able to install pokemon go game on your device.

Pokemon Go Available Countries
Fix Pokemon Go Errors Game Not Available in Countries

Pokemon Go Game Not Opening and Not Finding Pokemon Near By

Immediately after the launch players reached millions and the Pokemon Go game servers are unable to handle traffic much higher than what was anticipated. The only solution is to report @ Niantic labs support. Similarly many are complaining that Can’t find Any Pokemon Near By in Pokemon Go Game. This issue also should be resolved by team Niantic Labs. So all you need to email to Niantic labs support.

Pokemon Go Character or Player or Avatar not moving in Game

Do refer to this article Fix Pokemon Go Character or Player Not Moving in Game

Fix Player not moving on Pokemon Go Errors
Pokemon Go Player Not Moving Errors fixed

GPS Signal Not Found/Failed To detect Location in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go game Gps Signal Not Found and Failed to detect Location is another major issue seeing by most of the players. To resolve the issues follow the below quick steps.

Fix GPS Signal Not found in Pokemon go
Pokemon Go Errors GPS and Detect Location Fixed

Camera Orientation and Phone Orientation Not Detecting in Pokemon Go game

This happens in mobiles with no gyroscope sensors i.e Due to lack of gyroscope sensors your device will fail to show the reality on your screen and pop up of Camera Orientation and Phone orientation not detecting will be thrown. To fix such type of Pokemon Go Errors, Issues, Problems you need to turn off Ar mode. Do follow below guide to Resolve Fix Pokemon Go Camera or Phone Orientation not detecting in Pokemon go game 

How to Fix Pokemon go cannot detect camera orientation
Pokemon go cannot detect camera orientation error solution

Turn off Augmented Reality (AR) in Pokemon Go [No AR]

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality game, which means it makes use of GPS and Camera (Gyroscope) in the game. When your device doesn’t have gyroscopic sensors and AR mode turned on you won’t see any real pokemon on screens instead you will be seeing the only black screen. To resolve such issues ensure you turn off Ar mode or use NO AR.

Kindly let us know if any other issue is being faced by you which is not discussed here. Comment your concerns and your issue will be addressed on a priority basis. Thank you enjoy error-free playing pokemon go by gaining knowledge about major Pokemon Go Errors, Issues or Problems, and their Fixes/Solutions.


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