After the PMIS 2020, Everyone is waiting for the biggest PUBG MOBILE ESPORTS PMCO TOURNAMENT. PMCO is the tournament that will make you participate in the WORLD LEAGUE PMWL and compete with WORLD BEST PUBG MOBILE PLAYERS across different regions. It’s all about waiting. The wait is over! The PUBGMOBILE Club Open Fall Split PMCO 2020 registration is now LIVE! Hurry, as the registration is only open from June 24th until July 12th. A great journey awaits you, join us, and become the PUBG Mobile World Champion. Here in this article, I will let you know the complete details about PUBG MOBILE CLUB OPEN 2020 FALL SPLIT Details such as Registration, Participating regions, Schedule, Prize Pool.


PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2020 is one of the official tournaments conducted by PUBG Mobile ESports. PMCO 2020 showcases the best PUBG MOBILE Players and Squads among the 16 regions across the world. It is regarded as the gate to join the world’s largest mobile esports event, the PUBG MOBILE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. PMCO is the best opportunity for anyone to start their esports career. If you are the one who wants to play PUBG MOBILE competitively this tournament is waiting for you. If you have the best squad and want to show your skills, you are welcomed to bring your squad and register to take part in this long battle journey.

Pubg Mobile Club Open 2020 Format and Tournament Stages

PMIS 2020 format starts with team registration and follows up events in In-Game Qualifiers, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals. All the finalist teams will compete for the PMPL WORLD LEAGUE slot. Winners of PMCO 2020 will end up the tournament and advance to PMPL World League with prize money and rewards.

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Registration
PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Registration
In-Game qualifiers
Grand Finals
In-Game Qualifiers:

After a successful PMCO 2020 Registration, your squad will get into the race of IN-GAME Qualifiers. In-Game qualifiers are open for all the registered squads. Each and every registered squad needs to play 4 matches daily for 8 days from 17th July 2020 to 27th July 2020. Every squad needs to play all the maps namely Erangel, Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar. Top 2 games of each map, a total of 8 games with the highest points from up to 32 games will be qualified. In-Game rankings will be updated daily and from here top 8 – 10 new underdog teams will get qualified to play the quarter-finals.


Along with 8 – 10 qualified teams, more professional teams from the regions will get an invitation to play the quarterfinals. This is where the competition gets tougher. Totalling of 32 teams will play matches as per schedule. In the quarter-finals, 8 teams with the lowest scores will get eliminated and only 24 teams will advance to further stages.


All the qualified 24 teams from the quarter-finals will play matches as per schedule in the semi-finals. In this semi-finals, another 8 teams from 24 teams with the lowest scores will get eliminated and only 16 teams will advance to play the finals.


All the 16 finalist teams will engage in an intense battle to grab the PMCO 2020 championship. Here the top teams with the highest scores will advance to play the WORLD LEAGUE PMPL and compete with other regions teams for the WORLD PUBG MOBILE CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE.

PMCO 2020 FALL SPLIT Registration Process

The PUBGMOBILE Club Open Fall Split PMCO 2020 registration is now LIVE! The Registration is open from June 24th, 2020 until July 12th, 2020.

How to Register for PUBG Mobile PMCO 2020 FALL SPLIT

If you have an underdog team of 4 members with professional skills. PMCO is a good opportunity that will make you an esports professional player. For successful PMCO 2020 Fall Split registration, you need to know the complete details about the rules, regulations, and registration requirements.

Registration Requirements
  • Participants must comply with age ratings i.e a participant must be 16 years old of age.
  • At least 3 player’s nationalities must be from the same region you register in.
  • All players must be ranked above the Platinum tier at the time of registration.
  • Team rosters must be a minimum of 4 players and no more than 5 players with one player being substituted.
  • Players are only allowed to use mobile devices during the tournament no emulators, iPad are allowed for the tournament and league stages.
  • The team logo is mandatory for registration.

Step by Step procedure of PMCO FALL SPLIT 2020 registration

  • Visit the official PMCO 2020 website
  • Then go to the “Registration” tab and fill in your team details with unique “Team Name”, “Team Logo”, “Team Owner or Captian Name”, Team Members details, and contact details.
  • You need to provide your name as per any Government-issued Id.
  • After the successful submission of details, you will receive a confirmation mail from the PUBG support team.

FAQS of PMCO 2020 – PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020

  • Can I Register with 2 members?
    • A squad must be registered with a minimum of 4 members only.
  • Can I Play on Ipad or PC and Emulators?
    • Strictly Ipad and Pc are not allowed for tournaments.
  • Can I Use Emulators Triggers?
    • Emulators and any type of triggers or any other add-on devices are not allowed. The team using these types of prohibited devices will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • Can I register from different regions?
    • No, You aren’t allowed to register from different regions. One should follow the regional requirements.

This is all about PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 Fall Split. The wait is all over, Get registered your squad for the biggest tournament PMCO 2020, and showcase your skills. All the best to you and to your squad.


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