Pubg Mobile Royal Pass Season 13 will ends on  12th July 2020. And the new PUBG mobile season 14 is expected to release on 14th July 2020 after the 0.19.0 Update sooner. Season 14 will comes with cool outfits, weapon skins, and many more. Right now, In this article, I will share the information about the upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 14 Release Date, Royal Pass Tier Rewards, 100 Rp Outfit, Weapon Skins, features, and highlights. Continue reading 0.19.0 PUBG mobile update.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Update Release Date & Rewards:

PUBG Mobile season 13 was started one month ago and it’s going to end on July 12th, 2020. As per the past season observations, It is expected that PUBG Mobile Season is expected to release after two days on July 14th, 2020. As per the leaks and patch notes, PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 14 is based on the theme “Spark The Flame”. PUBG Mobile’s new season rewards players with new outfits, new weapon skins on reaching Gold, Platinum, and Diamond and Ace tiers.

On reaching Gold Tier: All the players reaching the gold tier will be rewarded with a new HEADGEAR named STYLIN’ 14 HEADGEAR.

On reaching Platinum Tier: The players reaching the platinum tier will be rewarded with a new OUTFIT named STYLIN’ 14 OUTFIT.

Pubg Mobile Season 14 Outfit
Pubg Mobile Season 14 Outfit

On reaching Diamond Tier: All the players will be rewarded with a new STUNNING SILVER-PLATED M24 SNIPER RIFLE GUN SKIN for free.

On reaching Ace Tier: The players will get below parachute skin with the season number written on it.

On reaching Conqueror Tier: Players reaching conqueror tier will get frames and titles as shown below.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royal Pass Rewards:

New Shotgun Skin: The first royal pass rewards include S1897 SHOTGUN SKIN named “Butcher of Stabler”. And this skin can be obtained from the RP Events. As season 14 updates are in the beta version you cannot see the confirm look of the skin however you can see the complete skin only after season 14 starting. List of Top 10 Pubg Mobile Players Across the World

New Helmet Skin: And the next RP reward includes a HELMET SKIN named “ROSE UNICORN HELMET”. The whole helmet looks in a light royal pink color.

New M416 Skin: On reaching between 90 -95 RP you will get an M416 AR Gun new skin named “DAZZLING YOUTH”. The skin comes with a sparkling silver color.

Pubg Mobile Season 14 RP Dress or Outfit: Players will get a unique outfit on completion of 50RP or 100RP. This is known as Avian Tyrant Mask which is best suited for the male character.

Pubg Mobile Season 14 RP Outfit
Pubg Mobile Season 14 RP Outfit

New Pan Skin: As an RP reward a new pan skin is rewarded, players. This skin is known as Drop the Bass.

Purchase Bonus Outfit: As a reward of the RP purchase bonus, a complete outfit with mini 14 skin is rewarded. The complete official outfit is shown below.

Pubg Mobile Season 14 Purchase Bonus Outfit
Pubg Mobile Season 14 Purchase Bonus Outfit

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Titles

Jungle Warrior: A warrior blessed by the tribal chief. May the earth be with you! This title is expected to come to an event with limited time.

Dependable: Another title “Dependable – Someone Vigilant and Reliable” is also expected to come in this season.

Lifelong Learner: Another title namely “Lifelong Learner – Teaching and learning during training are some of the most joyous things in the world” is also expected to come in an event.

RP S14 RANK 1: This title is given to the player who reaches RP Rank number #1 in the first week itself.

RP S14 RANK 2: Similarly Player will get this title on reaching RP Rank number #2 in the first week.

RP S14 RANK 3: The Player will get this title on reaching RP Rank number #3 in the first week.

RP S14 RANK 10: Top 10 players reaching RP Rankings in the first week will be awarded this title.

The Pharoah Rises: This title expected to release along with the even and character Pharaohs.

There are many titles which are needed to finalized for being in the update.

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Frames:

  • Bloodhawk Warrior Frame: Most probably this frame is expected to come with blood hawk Warrier Premium crate.
  • Many more different frames are added and updated to the game in season 14.

Pubg Mobile Season 14 New Avatars:

The following are the new avatars namely “NEWBORN CHICKEN”, “COOL CHICKEN”, “FIGHTING CHICKEN”, ROAST CHICKEN”, “ROYAL PASS 14 AVATAR” that will be added in season 14.

Pubg Mobile Season 14 Event Rewards

Event Rewards: Most probably an event named “BURNING SUMMER” is added where the players get outfits namely “THE DARK WIDOW” and the other one does not yet know will be updated soon.

Upgradable Rewards: A new upgradeable skin namely AWM “MAUVE AVENGER” will be added to the game in this update.

As of now, this is all about the PUBG Mobile Season 14 Leaks and Updates. There are more new interesting updates that are going to add in PUBG mobile during season 14. After the beta update, all the information related to PUBG Mobile Season 14 Update such as Car Skin, FLight Skin, Crates Skin, Luck Spin Outfits, and many more will be updated here. Stay tuned for more interesting gaming updates.


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